Hi and thanks for checking out this item. Before ordering please be aware orders are made by moi (Mary). With work, school, physical therapy, podcast research and attempts at a social life orders are made Friday & Saturday and shipped the following Monday. 


Tea cups are from antique stores and thrift shops.  Meaning they have been used and may have imperfections, but don’t we all?  Little scuffs or marks, or heavy wear will be in the photos provided. If it was chip or heavy damaged I wouldn’t sell it or sell anything I wouldn’t personally use. 


Make sure to choose a saying for inside the cup and if it shows a “/“ that means bottom saucer saying. 


Tea cups are standard size with a couple being slightly bigger. Hold between 6-8ozs.  


If you have questions leave us a comment or send me a message directly on social media.


Please let us know which of the following sayings you would like printed on your cup/saucer.  Just write it in the "Let us know which saying you would like" section.


"Cunty", "Fuck Off/Die", "Thug Life/$$", "Enjoy Your Arsenic/Die", "You've Been Poisoned/Bye", "Dainty As Fuck", "Classy Bitch"

Flower Power Teacup


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