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My Meltz Addiction

You’ve heard me mention numerous times Moonbeams Wax Metlz. Well let’s address a few questions:

1) Do I truly love them? YES!!! They all smell amazing. I’ve never been disappointed.

2) Do we get any kick back for our shoutouts? NOPE!!! All though Stephanie (the owner and one woman operation!) offered a percentage Erik and I declined. We support things we love, small businesses and greatly appreciative she gave our group a discount.

3) How many burners do your have? Four at home & one at work.

4) Whats my favorite scents? This one is the hardest question but Old Gregg would be my favorite followed by: -Wonderland -An Unholy Confession -Charades -Devils Rose Jam -MJs Garden Party -High Street

-The Truth is Out There

I recommend buying all her Halloween/Fall scents. You will not be disappointed.

Code: MMMCOW for 10% off first order and then pay attention to your received order for an additional code.

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