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Halloween Drinks

As you know Halloween is my favorite time of year and something else about me is I love to throw parties!! Here are some of the drinks I make and I included some of them without the alcohol for the non-drinkers. Because everyone should have a good drink to serve at their party.


- 2oz lemonade

- 2oz lemon vodka

- Can of ginger ale

- Butterfly Pea ice

In a martini glass add in crushed blue ice. Pour in vodka, lemonade top off with ginger ale.

*Bewitched* (non-alcoholic punch)

- 2 liter of ginger ale

- Can of concentrate lemonade

- Butterfly Pea ice

(Double if needed)

You can buy the Butterfly Pea Flower tea on Amazon.

*Potions Magick*

- 2oz of Seagrams Lime gin

- Can of grape soda

In glass pour in gin and top off with grape soda, give a quick stir and enjoy.

If you want to make it with the luster, get a 16oz mason jar (or larger if needed) and in gin, 2 teaspoons of simple syrup, 1/4 teaspoon purple pearl dust. Can add more as needed. Stir or shake.

*Cereal Killer Punch*

2- 64oz cranberry juice

2- 52oz Simply OJ (any brand)

2- bottles of Loopy Vodka Pour ingredients into punch bowl and serve.

Small bits of dry ice can be added to give it a creepy effect.

-- Non-Alcoholic drinks --

**Embalming Fluid**

- 2 64oz bottles of cranberry juice - 4 cups of OJ - 2 liter of Sprite

Pour ingredients into punch bowl and serve.

**Candy Corn Punch**

- 64 oz pineapple juice

- 2 liter of orange soda

- 2 cups of OJ

In an ice tray fill with water and drop in candy corn. Freeze and add to the punch. (To make as a boozy punch add in bottle of pineapple rum and half bottle of triple sec)

**Blood Bath**

1 64 oz bottle of cran-pomegranate juice

1 64 oz black cherry cranberry juice (can use black cherry grape juice or straight black cherry)

1 12 oz container frozen cranberry juice (no water)

3 cups pineapple juice

4 Tablespoons of fresh lemon juice

2 liter of Sprite

dry ice (optional) Pour all ingredients into a large punch bowl, mix and serve. (To make as a boozy punch add in bottle pineapple rum and bottle of black cherry rum. If you can't find that orange or lemon would be fine)


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