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Ghoulish Delights Skincare Products

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Let me tell you about my favorite skincare and corpse cream….yeah I said corpse cream.

I first came across Ghoulish Delights on Instagram and it was love at first site. It’s a one woman show, that is own and operated by Amanda who is a licensed Esthetician. Since I’ve been using her products back in late 2016, my face has calmed down on the natural red tone and bye bye dry skin.

Her items all center around a “horror/dark” them. She uses natural products, with ingredients you can pronounce! The other thing I love about her items is the scents may sound bizarre, but oh boy do they smell AMAZING!!

The products I use daily are: -They're Coming to Wash You Barbara! Face wash inspired by Night of the Living Dead

-Tokyo Pore Police Soapless Facial Scrub inspired by Tokyo Gore Police

-Zydrate Skin Prep inspired by Repo! The Genetic Opera

-Apparition Herbal Toner

-Take Off Your Mask Makeup Remover inspired by Halloween 5

Her masks I use twice a week and I have the following: -Bloody Face Rejuvenating Facial Mask inspired by American Horror Story

-The Light of Carol Anne Brightening Facial Mask inspired by Poltergeist

-TarMan's Face Melt Detox Mask inspired by Return of the Living Dead

Now if you love body cream, then definitely check out her corpse cream. It goes on like butter and smell lasts all day. My two favorites are her Sweet Suffering which is inspired by Pinhead: sweet blood oranges, earthy figs and a dollop of sweetened cream

The Angry Princess, which smells of death lilies and creeping moss, a sensual floral blend with a hint of mellow spice. Now I was weary of getting this scent until a friend bought it and OMG, it smells divine.

Flash Fog, are her body sprays and I’ve mentioned this on the podcast before. The ones I have are: -Voodoo Queen Flesh Fog From the American Horror Story Coven line. It smells of pecan pie, ritual tobacco and smoking hexes scent.

-Sweet Suffering (scent listed above)

-The Bridgewater Triangle- (I did an episode on this area!) The notes are of sweet toasted marshmallows, campfire smoke and dead leaves.

-The Demon House- Smells of New England apples, salt water taffy, rotting pumpkins and dried gourds. -Amok! Amok! Amok! Inspired by (duh!) Hocus Pocus. It smells of spiced apples, buttery pastries, pumpkin, vanilla and crystallized sugar.

And a couple more product shoutouts:

-Never Sleep Again Coffee + Sugar Body Scrub which inspired by A Nightmare on Elm Street.

-Punishment of Krampus which is a Black salt scrub

-Freddy vs Sam which is an awesome coffee and pumpkin sugar scrub

Now her restocks are once, maybe twice a month. Her products sell out fast! So if interested set a timer so you can remember to get near laptop mobile.

Follow her on Instagram @ghoulishdelightsbath

Like her Facebook page and make sure to join the Facebook group at “The Ghoulish Army- GDBS”.

She has regular staples and then some fantastic limited collections such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Nightmares of Hollows Past, The Coven, The Mourning Collection. Do yourself a favor at check out her products. <3

Ghoulish Delights Mission Statement: To provide scrumptious otherworldly skincare fit for a horror junkie all while making sure each products ingredients are ethically sourced, cruelty free, great for the skin and vegan. We're also Leaping Bunny certified!

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